Chinatown - Vancouver

July 10, 2018

The Chinatown district of Vancouver is situated in the East side of the city, nearby Hastings Street. As you can see below, the city has created special design for the street lights.

The neighbourhood is obviously populated by Asian people, and mostly by old ones. At midday, we can see grandmothers and grandfathers doing their shopping in the different stores selling for the majority asian food or condiments.

When I walked deeper into the stores, I rediscovered how beautiful the asian culture is. With the red lanterns, the paper decorations floating on the ceilling and the multiples statues they put in their store, I thought I was in a pretty market in Hong-Kong.

The Chinese Cultural Center is located on Pender Street. The building is related with the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Park, a little classical Chinese garden full of tourists. I found a nice rooftop to see the garden and the Chinese Cultural Centre Museum in front of the Vancouver skyline.

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